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• About Cindy Scott
Biography     (PDF  24K)
Quotes     (PDF  34K)

• Photos
Cindy Orange and Blue     (JPG  9.84M)
Bayou1     (JPG  7.77M)
Bayou2     (JPG  185K)
Bayou3     (TIF  14.62M)
Bayou4     (TIF  14.94M)
BrianandCindyLive     (JPG  1.80M)
CDCoverPhoto     (TIF  23.58M)
CDCoverPhotoWhole     (JPG  6.37M)
Photo Blue Hi-Res     (JPG  3.62M)
Photo Purple-1     (JPG  376K)
Photo Purple-2     (JPG  520K)
Photo singing     (JPG  153K)
PhotoOrange     (JPG  258K)
Singing1      (JPG  454K)
Singing2     (JPG  119K)
xPhoto Blue Hi-Res     (TIF  19.41M)
xPhoto Blue Small     (JPG  124K)
xPhoto Blue with info     (JPG  3.12M)
xPhoto Blue with info     (PDF  11.73M)

• Reviews and Press
Review Live Set NOJF2012     (PDF  42K)
Downbeat     (PDF  1.91M)
Yanow Guide to Jazz Singers     (PDF  1.08M)
Review AllAboutJazz 2010     (PDF  39K)
Review Offbeat     (PDF  465K)
Review HoustonMusicReviews     (PDF  33K)
Review AllAboutJazz 2003     (PDF  88K)
Review JazzReview     (PDF  52K)
Review Singer Magazine Review     (PDF  254K)
Review Revew Japanese     (PDF  1.27M)
Offbeat Article     (PDF  67K)
Milenio Article     (PDF  32K)
Let the Devil One Sheet     (PDF  0K)
Let the Devil Press Release     (PDF  221K)

• Videos
Cindy Scott Teaser Making of HIstoria Video     (MP4  64.94M)
Cindy Scott Making of Historia Video     (MP4  630.38M)
Cindy sings IF by Bread     (WMV  68.73M)
Kemah Jazz Fest 2007     (MP4  10.93M)
YouTube Channel     (LINK)
Online Video Links     (DOC  44K)